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Women Empowering Women

Taking a moment here to celebrate two amazing humans that I am fortunate enough to call friends. They both started their businesses to make this world a better place for everyone. Danika and Jenn, you are so inspiring!! ??? #fangirl #womenempoweringwomen #missiondriven

Danika Waddell of Xena Financial Planning

Read more about her mission in this article from Morningstar: Creating an Inclusive Practice to Help Women.

Jennifer Andrews of Treppie

Treppie is an eCommerce platform whose mission is to empower young girls through entrepreneurship. Learn more here.

Stephanie Bogan: Finding Satisfaction in Success and Reframing Your Money Mindset

Steph Bogan is my business coach. In our group coaching call on Monday, we reviewed money mindset again – because money mindset is so critical!! Did you think you were the only one with money issues? ? I’m not super woo-woo, but mindset has a very real effect on our behaviors and actions.

Every human has money mindset issues. It’s been very humbling and reassuring to hear from extremely educated and successful people share their money mindset issues. It may or may not surprise you, but financial advisors have the same struggles with how they feel about money. Just. Like. You.

I’ll share a mindset I have had to wrestle with for a long time. As someone who grew up without money, I viewed people with money (aka “rich people”) as evil. When I started making “rich people” money, I struggled with “am I evil”? Makes no sense, right? But as we’ve talked about before, feelings don’t make a lot of sense.

Other money mindset issues I struggle with are “financial success = self worth” and “never enough money”. We all struggle with our own money mindsets – no shame. It’s just information. When we are aware of our mindsets, we can make better decisions.

This is a link to a podcast and show notes that Steph did regarding money mindset. It is relatable to everyone, not just financial advisors. She talks about how she literally grew up in a trailer park with a mentally unwell mother and the money baggage she carries with her.

Invest Well by Keeping Things Simple

“My friends are smart and hard-working. And, much to my chagrin, most of them have no interest in personal investing. They think it’s complicated and boring.”

I spit out my coffee after reading the opening paragraph of this article and laughed. It is exactly how I feel. This article is great if you don’t want to nerd out with me. But I’m always here if you need me.

‘Gender Lens’ Funds Let Investors Put Money in Women Leaders

This article caught my attention because I’m always, always interested in supporting women in leadership roles. However, there are two super important questions to consider with these types of funds: (1) Is investing in funds that support this mission effective? (2) Can these funds provide a decent return? Before investing any of my money or my clients’ money in these funds, the answer to both questions needs to be a solid YES!

Right now, this old jaded soul is stuck on question number one. As someone who has been a student of investment markets for over 25 years ?‍♀️, I know too much about the financial shenanigans and corporate window dressing (think putting lipstick on a pig) that public companies perform to be more attractive to investors. While I embrace the intention and mission of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing, I’m not fully sold yet. It’s an area that I’ll continue to challenge and educate myself on because I really want it to be real and effective.

What are your thoughts on ESG investing?

The Nothingness of Money

I read a lot about money and life. This article is pretty powerful.

Making the Most of Benefit Picks

Many companies have open enrollment in late October and early November. You may be tempted to ignore all the emails that HR is undoubtable sending you, but a little time and effort can help you save money and build wealth. And who doesn’t like that? ??‍♀️

Singles Day – the World’s Biggest Shopping Festival

Tomorrow, 11/11, is the world’s largest shopping day. Singles Day was started as the anti-Valentine’s Day in China by Alibaba. Super smart because China’s population is increasingly single. Now sales from this one day ($70 billion for Alibaba alone) dwarfs sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined (a mere $20 billion)! Retailers around the world are starting to catch on and offer deals similar to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. If you feel like buying something for yourself, give the internet a search tomorrow. #selfcare

Until next week!

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