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Welcome to BW Financial Planning!

Your story and needs are unique. With BW Financial Planning, you'll find a warm, caring, and safe space where you can express openly what's on your mind and be supported and heard. You'll receive a trusted ally and financial confident so you can have peace of mind, confidence, and clarity with your money.

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Financial Planning & Investment management for women and Women-led households


Seeking more financial control and clarity

You are amazing at what you do for a living, but personal finance has always fallen to the side because you didn’t have the time or, if we’re being honest, the interest in doing more than deferring to your 401k and saving diligently. You want to understand what you have, be more organized, and have a plan going forward. And you don’t want to be in charge. That’s where we come in!

Planning for a downshift from your demanding career

You love your job and you have made more money than you imagined possible. But you are daydreaming about what’s next. Maybe it is pursuing a different professional challenge or one that demands less time. Maybe it means sitting on a beach eating bon bons reading a good book. Or maybe it is something in between. Whatever the next phase of your life looks like to you, we give you a solid, actionable financial and investment plan to make your life easier and help you reach your goals in life FASTER.

Preparing for your company’s IPO

The rumors of your startup going public are finally becoming a reality. There is no shortage of advice from colleagues and friends. You are overwhelmed by all the noise. You want professional guidance on what to do and how to best exercise your options. We help clarify what is important to YOU.

Navigating your equity compensation (RSUs, ISOs, NQSOs, ESPPs)

The alphabet soup of equity compensation is Just. Too. Much. You think you are doing the right things, but you are uncertain. You know there are important tax considerations, but you don’t know what. Let us up-level your game.

Hello and welcome!
I'm Betty Wang

Through my personal and professional experience, I've seen how a healthy relationship between your money and your priorities can make an impact on a person's life.  What I've learned is that money isn't the key to freedom. The key is awareness of what your values and priorities are and using your money with intention to support what's important to you. 

My mission is to make quality financial planning and investing services accessible to women. 

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You Be You

This is about YOUR vision. You have permission to dream big. We meet you where you are and help you put the financial pieces in place to move towards making your vision a reality. 


Once you are clear on what you want in life, the financial decisions will follow. We explore your money story because emotions drive our decisions, especially when it comes to money. We help you get out of your own way.


Investing is only part of the financial picture. We ensure that the other important pieces of your finances like your taxes, employer benefits, insurance, and estate planning are sound. We help you avoid common, but costly, financial missteps.


No commissions. No hidden fees. Candid, trustworthy financial advice that isn’t clouded by the motivation to sell you financial products.


Your goals evolve. Financial landscapes change. The universe drops something unexpected in your lap. As life happens, we are here to provide you with support and sound advice in your best interest. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to ALWAYS act in your best interest. 

Financial Wellness

On your journey to financial independence, we want you to live today while planning for tomorrow. Financial wellness is knowing what you have, knowing where you’re headed, and feeling good about it.


You want to:


Feel confident that you are making smart decisions about your money.

Enjoy your life now while planning for tomorrow

Sleep well at night knowing that your financial future is secure

Have a financial guide and advocate in your corner to support YOUR vision for life

Understand your equity compensation (RSU, ISOs, NQSOs, PUPs) and develop a strategy 

Not worry about confusing pricing, hidden third-party payments, or sales pitches

If you have limited time, energy, and/or interest in managing finances on your own, let us be your guide to help you live life on your terms.

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