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Money = Feelings

What to Do With a Windfall

Windfall could be a large cash bonus from work, proceeds from the sale of your stock options when your company goes public, or unexpected inheritance. Here are some tips on how to handle your money when you are handed the check.

Keeping It

Getting rich and staying rich requires different skill sets. This article talks about how to stay rich.

The Psychology Behind Your Worst Investment Decisions

Money = Feelings

Read to see if you recognize some common investing behaviors in yourself and how to remedy them. FOMO anyone?

How to Get Something Done When You Are Feeling Down

With days getting colder and darker, I definitely feel more lethargic than usual. I just want to sit in my jammies under my weighted blanket, watch shows (Current favs: Insecure, Succession, The Morning Show, and You), and mindlessly stuff my face with snacks. Luckily, Haah-vard Business School Review has some tips to help me get through the next few months. IMHO, “Take a Beach Vacation” should be on the list.

My Last Days: Claire Wineland

Last week I attended a 3-day professional conference in Denver. Well, technically I attended a day and a half…Cave syndrome is REAL! It was overwhelming to be with 900 other people… and home was just way too close… However, I did make it to the closing keynote speaker, Shabnam Mogharabi, co-founder and past CEO of SoulPancake. Her topic was “Powered By Purpose”. I had never heard of Shabnam or SoulPancake so I figured it would be an hour of woo-woo and feelings.  I got ready to tune out.

I’m so glad that I didn’t because her presentation really resonated with me. She talked about how humans are hard wired to seek their PURPOSE in this life and to BE USEFUL. These two things are critical components in whether we are happy or not. Shabnam proposes that we seek Purpose rather than Happiness. And in finding our Purpose, we find Happiness.

She had us respond to questions like:

Name 3 things you do today that would make your 9-year-old self proud?

What makes you forget that you haven’t peed in 8 hours or eaten in 12?

In her talk, she sprinkled in tidbits about boundaries, “empathy fatigue”, and the big one – GRATITUDE. She shared the last 5 minutes of this video about Claire. I dare you to not feel gratitude after watching.

Until next week!

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