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Markets and Uncertain Times

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First, I hope this post finds you and your loved ones safe and well. With the terrible state of affairs in the Ukraine, it’s personally been a reminder of how blessed I am to do what I love with people I truly care about and to have the freedom to do so! War is unpredictable. […]

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Here’s what I’ve been reading this week: If You Want More Money, You Should Root for 2023 to Be Just Like 2022 This statement sounds ridiculous. Another painful year in the markets? No thank you! But for those of us who are “Savers” or “Preservers” as defined by this article, the statement is very true. […]

Happy New Year! Every new year there is pressure to have grand plans of a whole new YOU! We are bombarded with ads: “If you lose 10 pounds, you will be happy!” “If you invest your money with us, you will be secure!” Sometimes we make resolutions without really thinking about them. However, research shows […]

As close friends and neighbors have children heading into their senior year of high school, I can’t help but think about the fact that I will have a senior 2 years from now. 😭 😭  It’s an exciting and emotional time for parents and students. During this swell of emotions, there are important practical considerations […]

Scary words like recession, bear market, rising interests rates are all over the news lately. These words can cause panic and fear and overwhelm. My clients and I spend a lot of time talking about the “sleep-at-night” factor when it comes to their investments. I share my thoughts with Veronica Dagher and the Wall Street Journal in […]

Do you ever think “I’ll stop worrying about money when I make more”? Worrying about money is the number 1 cause of stress for most Americans. Crazy markets, rampant inflation, and doomsday news headlines only serve to increase our concerns about money. Even Wealthy Women Worry About Money A Lot of the Time This article […]

Hope you are done with your 2021 taxes! If you have a tax preparer, give them a hug, a big one. It’s been a particularly rough tax season. Tax preparers are leaving the profession in record numbers, and there are not enough new recruits to replace them. Couple this with the major tax legislation enacted […]