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Investing FOMO

Deflating Your Inflation Investing Fears

Inflation worries are dominating the headlines again. This article is a good reminder that you don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease.

Look Ahead to 2032, at the Very Least

Investing is not a get-rich quick scheme. It takes time, patience, and discipline. Not a very exciting story. Dull, but effective.

Decision Fatigue Is Real. Here’s How to Beat It This Year.

Maybe it is the dreary weather of January or the natural letdown after the holidays. Or maybe it is the Omicron surge or the Marshall fires here in Colorado. But 2022 seems like it is trying to keep us down. I definitely appreciated the timing of this article because it was like a little light, confirmation that collectively we have been through a tough two years… and that other people struggle with what to eat for dinner! It’s not just me!!

Financial Archetypes

I thought this quiz was fun and interesting. You answer 5 questions to find out what your top 3 financial archetypes. It’s like the Myers-Briggs / StrengthFinders / Enneagram for gaining insight into your money personality. Mine were (1) The Saver, (2) The Guardian, and (3) The Empire Builder. ??‍♀️ What are yours?

Investing and Fear of Missing Out

Investing and FOMO are a very dangerous combination.

Listen to Your Own Advice

Do you give advice to friends and loved ones that you don’t apply in your own life? Recently I was worried about a friend and advised her to set boundaries for a job that seeped into her personal life and family time. After reading this article, I realized what a hypocrite I am as right now I am in my office past the boundary I set for myself to be fully present with my family. ??‍♀️ There is tomorrow to try again!

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