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Happy New Year!

Buh bye 2021! Hope this email finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe!

How to Make Your Financial Life Happier in 2022

Do you think you will be happier if/when you have more money? This article gives you strategies on being happier in your financial life that aren’t dependent on the size of your investment account.

Are You Saving Too Much?

I have talked to women who earn 6-figure incomes and have significant assets, yet they have this nagging fear that the wealth will all disappear (poof!) and they will be living under a bridge eating cat food when they are old. While I don’t agree with all of the author’s advice, I agree that the answer is finding healthy balance of spending on what you value now while saving for your future self. The hard part is figuring out what “healthy balance” means to you.

Icebreakers With… Bloomberg Columnist Matt Levine

My husband has been telling me about Matt Levine at Bloomberg for awhile now so when I saw this article I thought I’d give it a read. Matt Levine is smart, snarky-funny, self aware, and calls it how he sees it. I signed up for his newsletter immediately after reading this profile on him. It turns out my husband really does know me!

“Son, Get a Lawyer”

This was one of the most popular posts on for 2021. People, including myself, read it because the titled sounded so dramatic. After reading the post, I was sad because, unfortunately, it is a more common occurrence than people realize. It’s awkward to talk about death but it can save family members and loved ones additional pain and stress.

SmartLess: George Clooney

On the “Smartless” podcast, George Clooney was the special guest. I think you can guess why I listened.  One of the hosts (can’t remember which one…) said he thinks that money doesn’t change a person, it just magnifies personality traits that are already there. His line of thought was that George was already generous and socially conscience before he had money so now that he is super rich ($500 million) these traits became magnified. Thought it was an interesting question. What do you think?

American Girl Debuts Chinese American Doll

As a girl who grew up with dolls who looked nothing like her, I was happy to see the world is coming up with more options.


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