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Is a Financial Advisor the Key to Happiness?

Wow, 10 days til Christmas…

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

What’s the Value of a Financial Advisor? Happiness.

When I saw this article’s title, I definitely rolled my eyes and thought what a crock of you-know-what! I am a jaded and cranky lady after all. However, I started to really think about the premise before I read the article.

It’s true that people come to me with questions like “How do I optimize my money?”, “Am I doing the right things so I’m not eating cat food in retirement?”, and a lot of times “Please help me start!” They are seeking advice on the tactics and strategies to use to get them to their goals. This, of course, is an important part of my job and what people think of when they seek out a financial advisor. But it’s actually not the most important service I provide.

Tactics and strategies are the easy part of my job. And you can google anything I will tell you. But ask yourself: Does researching why and how to do a Roth conversion bring you joy and there’s no other way you’d like to spend your free time? Do you feel confident you are on the right path when making financial decisions? Do you feel like you have a trusted person who is looking out for your best financial interest? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then maybe a financial advisor does provide happiness. It may not be as quantify-able as the size of your IRA account, but how my clients feel after working with me is what I view as my true value to their lives. When there are uncertain times and markets, clients feel a level of comfort knowing that someone knowledgeable is monitoring the situation with them. Can I accept that people who feel that they are being intentional with their money with someone who cares are happier people? Yes, I guess I can.

Guess I should read the article now…

Be Smart About What You Hold in Your Roth IRA

If you enjoy reading this article about asset location, then maybe a financial advisor would not bring you much happiness. 

Fighting Inflation Without Getting Carried Away

You know the old adage of “sometimes the cure is worse than the disease”? If you are making massive changes to your portfolios in anticipation of inflation, I encourage you to take a step back and consider if you are doing too much.

8 Small Habits That Can Make Life a Little Better

As we get ready for the new year, these articles about wellness start coming out en masse. And I read them all in the hope that something might stick. This article had a few new ones that I haven’t read before like “Watch the jellyfish”. 

Best TV Shows of 2021

This time of year, “best of” lists are rampant. Can’t believe I have only watched 3 out of 10 “best” tv shows of 2021. I also can’t believe Mare of Easttown wasn’t included.

5 Gen X Characteristics That Anyone Born In this Cohort Will Immediately Identity With

As a Gen X-er, I’m not sure I agree with this list. What do you think?

Many thanks to the Christmas elves who “flocked” my house yesterday. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time I look out my window. I talk about moving back to a city constantly, but I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such thoughtful neighbors and friends. Guess you’re stuck with me a little longer. 

Until next week!

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