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Are Women Better Investors Than Men?

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Women May Be Better Investors Than Men. Let Me Mansplain Why.

Do you put off investing because you are afraid you will mess it up? Well, my friend, you are wrong. Data from major studies concludes that the average female investor outperforms the average male investor. Read why in this article. Woo hoo! Go Ladies!

The New Rules of Retirement Spending

This article illustrates how financial “rules of thumb” are helpful, but can’t be applied to every situation especially when the financial landscape continues to change.

Finding Financial Success in 2022

Practical advice for heading in the right financial direction.

The Decision Lab: The Stock Market

Adam Grant is an organizational scientist and a thought leader in behavioral science. In this article, his team explores the link between behavioral science and the market.

Also, I find that I like his Instagram posts.? I’m 15 out of 16 on his Introvert Bingo card.

Travel ‘Vacation Clubs’ Promise VIP-Style Service and Perks

Yes, please!

Guess the World’s Most Expensive City

The city that the Economist deemed the “most expensive city in the world” wasn’t even on my radar. Did you guess the right one?

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