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Is Paper Money Going Away?

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading this past week or so:

Why the Fed Is Considering a Digital Dollar

NERD ALERT! I was very relieved to read this headline from today’s Wall Street Journal. The future is moving towards digital currency. The question is which one will dominate the world economy. Or maybe there will be many dominant players. With other countries, namely China, experimenting with their own digital currency, the US dollar needs to stay relevant, and, hopefully, remain the leading world currency for trade.

When clients ask me my view on putting money into crypto, I tell them that I view it as speculating at this point. Meaning it’s fine with money you are prepared to lose, but not with your retirement money. See last week’s reading list for a good article on investing versus speculating.

How to Get Comfortable with Managing Your Money

I used to just troll goop (Gwyneth Paltrow’s “modern lifestyle brand” website ?) to window shop the perfectly curated life of soft earthy pastels, well dressed women, and exotic travel. But Gwenie (we’re BFFs…) also shares a lot of content on on physical, emotional, and financial wellness. In this article, goop interviews Lauren Simmons (a bad ass!) who says “Being in control of your money is being in control of your foundation. Being in control of your foundation is being in control of your future. Even if you’re married, you shouldn’t have to rely solely on your partner to make fiscal decisions.” Amen.

How to Stop Worrying

As a mom with a business and kids at home during the summer with no schedule, I find that my anxiety is through the roof. In another article from goop , the writer shares tips on how to calm an anxious mind. The first tip is to “Name Your Anxiety”. I don’t think her intent was to give Anxiety an actual name, but, of course, I am racking my brain for a good name for my nemesis. The name has to personify someone who is annoying, unhelpful, and unwelcomed. Right now, I’m going with Greta as the name for my anxiety. I don’t love it so am open to suggestions. What would you name your Anxiety Monster?

How High Are Wine Taxes in Your State?

I enjoy drinking wine and learning about taxes. Not at the same time, but maybe I should try it… It made me smile to see this article when researching another topic. I was honestly shocked at the state with the highest wine tax! Guess which one!

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