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Taxes and Your IRA

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading this past week or so:

Biden’s Tax Plan’s Potential Impact on your IRA

Are you concerned about increasing tax rates? Read this article about Roth conversions and if they might be the right strategy for you. Ed Slott, a leading expert in the land of IRAs and corny jokes, and Jeff Levine, a tax expert, share their advice.

6 ‘Retirement Killers’ to Avoid at All Costs

Helpful tips for everyone. I would add a 7th Retirement Killer as Lifestyle Creep. Lifestyle Creep is mindlessly spending more as you earn more. It is also known as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I mean, Joneses. Spend on what brings YOU joy, what YOU value. Ramit Sethi explains it: ‘The most successful people I’ve met are all very conscious about how they spend their money. That doesn’t mean they don’t spend at all. It means that they choose HOW and WHERE to spend their money, and are unapologetic in allocating significant resources to live a better life.’

How to Build Lasting Habits for a Better Life

This subject always interests me, personally and professionally. People don’t realize how much of their behavior around money is actually tied to habits they have learned or acquired throughout their life. I need help breaking my Oreo habit! If you are looking for more resources on habit building, I’d also recommend the book Atomic Habits.

Who Feels Rich Really? 

Can a person ever feel rich? Over my 20 years in the financial world, I can’t name one person who said they feel rich. These are people who earned millions of dollars a year to folks who have over 10 million in the bank. Nick Maggiulli tells a great story and reminds us why wealth is always relative.

This is the Test to Apply to Everything

Thought-provoking article from Ryan Holiday. You want Less of What? You want More of What?


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