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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading this past week or so:

How to buy happiness

Lots has been written about this topic, but I like how Arthur Brooks frames it in this short article. “Just because most people generally don’t get happier as they get richer beyond a certain point doesn’t mean that they can’t. In fact, no matter where we sit on the income scale, with a little knowledge and practice any of us can use money to bring more happiness.”

6 things to consider if you are a strong, independent (and single) woman

6 financial tips that are relevant for everyone!

The psychology of fighting the last crash

We humans are not wired to be good investors. Money = feelings

The lure of H Mart…

My brother and I spent many Saturday mornings in the one cramped, dingy Asian market close to us. It was filthy (think dirt on store floors and dust on shelves) and it smelled even worse than it looked. During Chicago winters, we were trapped in the smells while my mom would happily buy Chinese vegetables and foods that reminded her of home. Never thought that as an adult, I would want to relive these memories. Yet I find myself at H Mart buying my favorite rice that I only recognize by the way it looks and feeling at home with the lack of service, the loads of random cheap crap you can buy, and even the smells.

Remy: Dogecoin Rap

Curious about cryptocurrency? This is HILARIOUS and educational!

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