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Markets and Uncertain Times

First, I hope this post finds you and your loved ones safe and well. With the terrible state of affairs in the Ukraine, it’s personally been a reminder of how blessed I am to do what I love with people I truly care about and to have the freedom to do so!

War is unpredictable. Markets hate unpredictability. There will be volatility and wide swings in the markets as the situation in the Ukraine unfolds. I shared this graphic from Vanguard with my clients. It illustrates how U.S. stock prices performed during various past geopolitical events.

The Two Things to Do When the Stock Market Gets Crazy

Jason Zweig provides perspective for individual investors.

How to Get Back the Time Covid Stole

This article starts off a little depressing. It talks about how short the amount of time that you spend with your parents actually is after you move out at age 18. For me, it also highlighted what little time I have left with my kids at home. The point of the article is not to leave us weeping but to realize that we chose our path going forward.

The Algebra of Wealth

Really enjoyed this article. It’s filled with nuggets of wise advice.

How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

I’ve heard of YOLO and FOMO, but I had never heard of FOPO until this past week in a call with colleagues. FOPO = Fear of Other People’s Opinions

I am behind the times. Harvard Business Review put this article out in 2019. To help combat FOPO, the author suggests that you create a personal philosophy to live by. My favorite example was “Be Respectfully Weird.”

The Kind of Smarts You Don’t Find in Young People

Now that I’m not considered young any longer, I was glad to read that we older folks have something called “crystallized intelligence” and still have a lot to offer the world…

Til next time!

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