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Do You Need a Financial Planner?

Here’s what I’ve been reading this past week or so. This week’s list is shorter than usual because I’m in the Midwest visiting family eating way too much Chinese food and being spoiled by my mom.


Do You Need a Financial Planner?

This Kiplinger’s article gives you 5 reasons for and against hiring a financial planner. It’s not gross or sales-y and has good information to consider.

7 Ways to Prepare for Higher Taxes

Confused by all the tax changes and proposals? Here’s some key information on 2021 to help you with your tax planning for the rest of the year. As a warning, this information is subject to change.

Life’s Two Halves

This article talks about how psychiatrist Carl Jung saw life as having two halves. The author writes “In the second half of life, it’s no longer enough to find meaning in success. He knew, as we age, we find purpose in different ways than in life’s first half.” Being home with my parents, I see this as true for them. The author gives 3 ideas for managing in the second half of life.

What Immigrants Know About Happiness

When I think about the immigrant experience, I think mostly of the hard work, indignities suffered, and sacrifice. When my husband shared this article with me, I was curious about what kind of b.s. I was about to read. But I was wrong. This article says “The act of migration involves taking risks in pursuit of a meaningful reward and having faith in the future. Everyone should try to live more like that.” Amen.

Why the Filet-O-Fish is My Gold Standard for Fast Food

One benefit of Stop Asian Hate is that Asians around the world are writing about their experiences and sharing their personal stories. Growing up I had Amy Tan and The Joy Luck Club, but that’s about it. In this New York Times article, an Asian Canadian writer writes about her love of the Filet-O-Fish. This one spoke to my heart and stomach because it is so true. I just never realized it wasn’t just me and my family who obsessed over the Filet-O-Fish!

Bonus of being home… old photos. I think I may have come up with the “dab” first.

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