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Helpful Resources during Coronavirus (last updated 4.15.2020)

Here are some resources and articles to help us through this continuously evolving situation.

Personal Finance and Investment

2020 Tax Return FAQS

Mellody Hobson – Quarantine Advice (added 4.15.2020)

“This Isn’t a Dry Run” (added 4.15.2020)

US Equity Returns Following Sharp Downturns

Should I Stop Making 401(k) contributions?

Don’t Look at Your 401k (added 3.23.2020)

Articles written by Jason Zweig at the Wall Street Journal. Here are a couple favs:

03.13.2020 Control the One Thing You Can

12.17.2019 The Financial Lesson of 2008-09 That Most Investors Have Forgotten

Things to Keep You Occupied During Social Distancing


LittleFires.jpgLittle Fires Everywhere on Hulu

Started 4/1/2020

I’m always interested to see how a book is translated onto the screen. Reese and Kerry are powerhouses as usual. Pacey, 90’s nostalgia, and a really good soundtrack (listening to it right now!) with haunting remakes of songs we loved in college makes me sad that the show is coming to an end.

Homeland.jpgHomeland on Showtime

Started 4/5/2020

Signed up for 30 days free of Homeland to get caught up on Seasons 5 to 8. Just finished Season 6. It’s been a little intense given what’s going on in the world. Not sure I’ll continue or try to find a lighter series…

Ozark.jpgOzark on Netflix

Started on 03/20/2020; Finished 4/3/2020.

Not the Jason Bateman you know from Arrested Development and Silver Spoons! Going dark after some lighter shows… so good.

GlowGLOW on Netflix

Finished 3/19/2020

80’s music, clothes, gravity-defying hair… PLUS strong female characters!!! Loved watching the journey of these women and the power of friendship.

Cheer.jpgCheer on Netflix

Finished 3/15/2020

Everyone should have a Jerry in her life! You will be amazed at the athleticism and hard work of these kids.


Free online classes: CorePower Yoga

Live Instagram classes: Hot Mamas Exercise

Exercise App: Peloton (Free 90 day trial; no equipment necessary)

If you are running outside more: How to avoid running injuries


How to have a successful virtual happy hour


Stop Trying to Be Productive


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